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The Springtime of Lovers (2022)
SATB (poem by Rumi)

Wait (2021)
SATB + piano (poem by Amber Earl)

In the Hour Between (2017)
SATB + piano (poem by Emiko Hsuen)

Spring's Saraband (2017)
SATB + piano (poem by Bliss Cartman)

God's Love, a mini-oratorio (2016)
SATB + organ (extracts from the new and old testament)


For voice and piano:

Awake to Smile (2022)
Art song (poem by Robert William Service) - high/medium voice

For Little Things (2022)
Art song (poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery) - high/medium voice

What Amazing Things (2019)
Sacred song (Psalm 126) - high voice

Wait For the Lord (2018)
Sacred song (Psalm 27) - high voice

Psalm 139 (2018)
Sacred song - high voice

Les roses de Saadi (2013)
Art song (poem by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore) - high/medium voice

La bonne chanson (2013)
Art song (poem by Paul Verlaine) - high/medium voice

Je vous salue Marie (2012)
Sacred song - high/medium voice

Les Yeux (2011)
Art song (poem by Sully Prudhomme) - high/medium voice