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An accomplished tenor with a passion for all kinds of music genres, Hubert has delighted audiences around the world. Born in France and classically trained in Toronto, he has developed a keen interest in sacred music, oratorio, and art songs. Described as "a pleasing tenor full of personality", Hubert continues to inspire and captivate audiences through his singing from the heart.

Hubert also enjoys picking up his guitar and performing, in his words, "approximations of other people's songs".

"Fauré", a collection of 4 songs performed by Tenor Hubert Razack and pianist Cari Astleford, is now available on all streaming platforms.

Check out the video for "Au bord de l'eau", featuring Hubert, his friend Wilbur, and a whole load of mustaches.

Vainement, ma bien-aimée (By Edouard Lalo, from "Le roi d'Ys")
If With All Your Hearts (by Felix Mendelssohn, from Elijah)

A few songs and a guitar

O Holy Night, performed in what can only be described as my pyjama
Ain't no grave (live from my living room)
Stand by me (though I'll remain seated because I have no strap on this guitar)