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Journeyman is a collection of various instrumental pieces that I wrote and recorded over time and that had not found a home yet.

You can find it on all the popular streaming platforms. It is also available for purchase on Bandcamp

1. Journeyman

This was written for an art exhibit. One of the paintings was used as the basis for the album cover.

2. Allegria

I wrote this for the wedding of very special friends. It provided for the inspiration of something ceremonial, yet joyful.

3. Mount Cook

The melody for this piece came to me while hiking on Mount Cook, in New Zealand. Hence the highly imaginative title.

4. Legends - Part 1

This was originally called "The Boy Who Became a Legend" and was used as the soundtrack for a Kung Fu demonstration.

5. Legends - Part 2

This is the second part of the music used for the Kung Fu musical.

6. Origin

In 2016 I co-organised a concert which we called "OriginL". This was the title theme which accompanied the promotions for the concert,